JWST | "With this mission, we hope to provide answers to two great mysteries of the Universe"

Dominique SLuse JWST

Interview with Dominique Sluse, astrophysicist, scientific collaborator at the OrCA (Origins in Cosmology and Astrophysics) laboratory at the STAR Institute (Space Sciences, Technologies and Astrophysics Research) of the University of Liege.

What are briefly the great mysteries of the universe that astrophysicists hope to solve with JWST? You are the only Belgian in the international consortium of researchers TDCOSMO, formerly HOLICOW (Ho Lenses in Cosmograil's Wellspring). Is the study of gravitational lenses the new grail for astrophysicists? Why are they important? We know little or nothing about dark matter in the universe, except that it constitutes a major part of the mass of the Universe and plays a key role in the formation of galaxies and clusters of galaxies. What are the current hypotheses on its composition and its exact role? Are confirmations expected with the JWST? In addition to better understanding its composition, why is dark matter important to calculate the expansion rate of the universe? The Hubble constant has been varying a lot for almost a century now... Will the JWST precipitate the emergence of a new physics that will answer the unresolved questions about our universe, its origin and its evolution? What are the scientific projects based on the JWST data in which you are involved?

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