JWST | "The ultimate goal of our work? To answer the question: does life exist elsewhere in the universe?

Michael Gillon JWST 

Interview with Michaël Gillon, astrophysicist, FNRS Senior Research Associate, Director of the EXOTIC Lab of the Astrobiology Research Unit of the University of Liege.

What are the great mysteries of the Universe that astrophysicists hope to solve with the James Web Space Telescope (JWST)? In which scientific project(s) based on JWST data are you involved? What do they consist of? How did you get observing time on JWST? (Guaranteed time and research proposals). How many hours does this correspond to (in relation to the global time)? The TRAPPIST-1 system, discovered by your team in 2017, is among the first targets of JWST. What new information could we expect from these observations? Which instruments will be called upon? Is it possible that data obtained by Hubble on Trappist-1 are overturned by new data obtained by JWST? What other targets will be studied by the team? Will your team be involved in other observation cycles? Is a successor to JWST already planned?


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