JWST | The most complicated deployment in the history of satellites

Gaetan Kerschen JWST 

Interview with Gaëtean Kerschen, aerospace engineer, full professor in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanics of the School of Engineering of ULiège, director of the Laboratory of Space Structures and Systems (Aerospace and Mechanical Research Unit).

Is the launch of the JWST by an Ariane 5 'like any other'? From the moment Ariane 5 enters space, what are the major milestones that will lead the JWST to its final location at the L2 Lagrange point? How many mechanisms in total are to be deployed during this period until JWST is fully operational? Is this a dangerous mission? What are the risks of this launch and deployment? Can the telescope be repaired if necessary, if not on site, from Earth? Is this mission a technological milestone for space engineering?


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