JWST | A revolutionary telescope

Yael Naze JWST

Interview with Yaël Nazé, FNRS senior research associate within the ‘Groupe d'Astrophysique des Hautes Énergies’ (GAPHE) of the STAR Institute at ULiège. 

The JWST is presented as a revolution for the study of the universe. Why? It is also a 'monster', the largest space telescope ever put into orbit. How big is it? What equipment is on board? What kind of data will it collect and send back to Earth? The JWST will be positioned at the L2 Lagrange point. Why? How is JWST different from Hubble, as it is presented as its successor? What is its theoretical lifetime? The scientific community is very impatient. How is the sharing of observation time organized, and how are scientific projects selected? In which areas should we expect major discoveries in the next few years? Is the post-JWST era already being considered? Are there even more ambitious projects in the pipeline of the major space agencies?

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